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Video:Buttercream Frosting Recipe

with Lisa Mansour

The buttercream frosting used by professional bakers to decorate cakes is much better than store-bought icing. See how to make buttercream frosting that is delicious and will look great on your cakes.See Transcript

Transcript:Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Hi. I’m Lisa Mansour with NY Cake, here for About.com. Today, I’m going to teach you how to make decorator’s buttercream frosting.

Decorator Icing VS Store-Bought Icing

The difference between decorator buttercream icing and store bought icing is that decorator’s icing tends to hold its shape and consistency better. So, it’s great for piping on wedding cakes and birthday cakes.

Buttercream Icing Ingredients

To make decorator’s buttercream icing you’ll need one cup of shortening, preferably a high ratio shortening, 1 tsp. of vanilla, clear, 1 tsp. of butter flavor, 2 tbsp. of water, 1 lb. of confectioner’s sugar sifted. 1 tbsp. of Meringue Powder.

Cream the Shortening

The first thing we’re going to do is cream the shortening. Now I use high ratio shortening because it is a much better consistency for frosting making. You just want to mix this until it’s well blended, about a minute. After it’s creamed add your flavoring and your water.

Mix Dry Ingredients

Ok, now we’re ready for the dry ingredients. We’re going to start with the sugar. Always make sure your sugar is sifted. Because otherwise you will have lumpy frosting. So make sure you have sifted powder sugar for smooth frosting. The next thing we’re adding is meringue powder. The reason we add meringue powder is because it helps keep our icing stiff and holds its shape better. It’s actually dried egg whites. And mix on medium speed until it’s all mixed together. Till it’s very creamy.

Add to a Piping Bag

It is now ready to either put it in a piping bag and use it just like that, or, you could thin it down with a tablespoon of water and use it for frosting cakes. This is good consistency as is. In order to make it medium consistency for frosting the cake or thin consistency you just add 2 tbsp. of water per cup of frosting.

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