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Video:How to Make a Toddler's Sock Monkey Costume

with Zoya Popova

Want to learn how to make a toddler's sock monkey costume instead of buying one? Here, see tips and tricks for making a great sock monkey costume.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Toddler's Sock Monkey Costume

Hi, I'm Zoya Popova for, and today we're going to make a toddler sock monkey costume.

Supplies for Making a Toddler's Sock Monkey Costume

For this project, you will need:

  • 1 to 2 yards of fabric—we have chosen this tweed for its wonderful wooly texture, but it's pricey and kind of rough. For a softer, more economical version, you can go with something like fleece
  • your child's straight leg pants and long-sleeved t-shirt
  • 2 pairs of adult-sized cotton socks
  • about 1/2 yard of red felt
  • fabric marker or a piece of dry soap
  • sharp scissors
  • fabric pins
  • tape measure
  • about 6 inches of velcro tape
  • fabric glue
  • your child's winter hat and scarf
  • an iron to press your seams
  • a sewing machine, a hand-sewing kit, or no-stitch hem

Instructions for Making a DIY Toddler's Sock Monkey Costume

To make a monkey bodysuit, fold your fabric in two lengthwise, right side inwards. Fold your child's shirt and pants in half and pin them to the fabric so that the side seams are aligned with the fabric fold. Overlap them so that your child's proportions and total costume length are correct. Using a marker or piece of soap, trace the outline of the garments onto the fabric, leaving out the sleeves. If your child will be wearing winter clothes underneath, make adjustments. Add 1 inch on all sides of the outline, and cut. This is one half of your bodysuit, and you can use it as a template for the second half.

More Instructions for Making a DIY Toddler's Sock Monkey Costume

In a similar fashion, create patterns for the sleeves; this time the fabric fold should be aligned with the top of the sleeve. Pin together the bodysuit parts right sides in. Stitch along the front central seam, and halfway up the back. The middle of the back is where you'll be inserting the velcro closure.With the wrong sides still facing out, stitch along the inseam and on top of the shoulders. To add the sleeve piece, turn it right side out, insert it into the sleeve opening, align, and stitch around the opening.

Additional Instructions for Making a DIY Toddler's Sock Monkey Costume

Next, stitch along the bottom, and your sleeve is complete. Repeat the same steps for the second sleeve.Trim the elastic off your cotton sock. With the right side out, pull the sock through the sleeve, align the edges, and stitch around the cuff. Leave a portion of the cuff unstitched so that the child can get their hand out if they need to. Cut the sock to fit your child's palm, and stitch a curved line around the edge. In a similar fashion, attach the socks to the legs of the bodysuit. Cut the sock at the bottom and leave enough to pull over your child's shoes.

Using felt and a piece of sock, create a traditional white-and-red pattern to glue onto the monkey's backside. Combine some sock cotton with your costume fabric, sew and stuff the tail, and attach right above the applique.

For the ears, take a 6 by 8 inch piece of fabric. Draw an oval about 1 inch away from the edge. Hand stitch all around along the oval outline, tighten the thread and stuff with fabric scraps.

Complete the costume with a scarf, which will also camouflage the neckline if you decide to leave it unhemmed. Add some face paint, and your sock monkey is ready!

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