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Video:How to Make a Baby Sock Monkey Costume

with Krystyna Rittichier

A sock monkey costume is such a fun project to make for an infant, and they'll look precious too. Learn how to make this cute costume in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Baby Sock Monkey Costume

Hi. I'm Krystyna Rittichier with and today I'll show you how to make a baby sock monkey costume. This costume is simple and inexpensive to make, and requires basic sewing skills to make.

Materials to Make a Baby Sock Monkey Costume:

For this project you will need:

  • A pair of infants stretch pants, 2 sizes too big
  • An infants onesie, 2 sizes too big
  • A sewing machine
  • Thread
  • A large adults sock monkey colored sweater
  • A large adults tan sweater with ribbed edges
  • A red sweater
  • An infants hat

How to Start the Baby Sock Monkey Costume

Place the onesie and the leggings on the baby. Determine how long the sleeves and pants should be, roll them up and pin them at this point. Cut the onesie, the pants, and the hat in half along the seams to separate the front from the back. Cut the grey adult sweater in half, so that the front and back halves are separated. Cut the ribbing from the tan sweater, making the strips 2 inches wide.

How to Make the Baby Sock Monkey Top

To make the sock monkey top, line up the neck of the onesie with the neck of the adult sweater so you do not have to make a hem here. Pin the onesie to the sweater, and cut out the sweater fabric, leaving 1 inch of excess around the border. Cut off the excess sweater fabric so the fabric is even with the onesie sleeves. Unpin the sweater then place the cut out sweater on the onesie. Roll the edges of the sweater under, and pin this to the onesie to conceal the hems. Repeat these steps with the back half of the onesie and sweater.

For the ends of the sleeves, finish them with the tan ribbing. Tuck the unfinished half of the ribbing between the grey sweater and the onesie sleeve. Pin this in place, and trim the excess. Do the same with the other sleeve, and the sleeves from the back of the onesie. Stitch the neck of the sweater to the onesie on the ribbing. Stitch the bottom of the sweater to the onesie 1/2 inch up. Stitch the ends of the sleeves ½ inch into the grey fabric. Repeat this with the other side of the top. Pin the front and back of the onesie together, with the sweater sides facing. Sew the pieces together ¼ inch in avoiding the neck hole, the bottom hole, and the armholes. 

How to Make the Baby Sock Monkey Pants and Hat

Now we'll do the same thing with the pants and the hat. To make the tail, cut out a long rectangle of grey sweater fabric 2 ½ inches wide. Cut out a rectangle of the tan sweater 2 ½ inches wide and 3 inches long. Pin the two rectangles together, then sew these together. With the hem side out, bring the ends of the rectangle together lengthwise. Pin this together, then sew it ¼ inch in. Sew the tan end of the tube closed, rounding the line. Turn the tube right side out. Pin the tail base to the pants. Hand sew tail to the pants.

To make the sock monkey face on the hat, start by cutting out 2 rectangles from the tan sweater fabric, which are 1 inch wide and 3 ½ inches long. Cut out another rectangle with these dimensions from the red sweater fabric. Sew the three rectangles into tubes lengthwise, then turn them right side out. Pin them together with the tan tubes overlapping the red tube at the ends. Hand stitch the tubes together doing your best to hide the stitches, working from the right side of the tubes. Center the tubes on the front of the hat. Roll the outer edges under and pin them in place so they make a large oval shape. Hand stitch the mouth to the hat. For the eyes, cut out two ovals from black felt. Place them just above the mouth shape, and line them up so the outer edges line up with the outer edge of the red in the mouth. Hand sew them in place with a loose stitch, and stitch until the eyes are securely attached.

Cut 4 squares from the grey sweater fabric, which are 4 by 4 inches. Pin 2 squares together 1 inch in on all except 1 side. Sew them together, rounding the two corners. Do the same with the other two squares. Line the tops of the ears up with the tops of the eyes, fold in the edges by 1 inch and pin the ears to the hat. Hand stitch the ears to the hat. The sock monkey costume is now complete.

Although this project is time consuming, it is easy and inexpensive to make. Just take your time and have fun. For more information, visit us online at

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