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Video:Choosing a High Chair

with Kathy Moore

Which type of high chair is best for you and your growing child? Learn the ins and outs of buying your first high chair.See Transcript

Transcript:Choosing a High Chair

Hi, I am Kathy Moore for Parenting. As soon as your infant is sitting upright, they can join you at the dinner table, even if they are not eating solids. But which type of high chair is best for you and your growing child? This program offers advice and information on choosing a high chair.

When you go shopping for a high chair you will see there are a ton of choices, options and styles, but from my experience the most important factors to weigh in choosing a high chair are safety, clean-ability and ease of use. You want your child to be safe and comfortable but let's face it- babies are messy eaters and if you are like me you never have enough time to clean as thoroughly as you would like.

High Chair Safety Straps

All high chairs come with safety straps to secure your child and keep them from slipping out. Pay attention to the buckle mechanism, which connects the waist and crotch straps. Make sure it is easy for you to connect and disconnect and avoid any buckles with small crevasses, where food bits can get stuck.

High Chair Trays

Test out the tray to make sure it is easy to attach and remove. Some trays can be removed with one hand while others require two hands to attach and release. Some trays feature higher raised edges than others but in my experience it does not matter how high the edge is. Babies will still push food off the tray and onto the floor. If you have a dishwasher at home you might appreciate having a high chair tray that is dishwasher-safe. Never put your baby in the dishwasher.

High Chair Sturdiness

Of course you will want a sturdy chair that will not tip over, but keep in mind that the more space a high chair takes up, the more likely you are to trip over it. We chose a hybrid style chair, which attached to our regular adult chair. This style takes up less room and also allows your baby to sit at the table and be a part of the conversation.

High Chair Casters

Some highchairs offer reclining positions or height adjustments so the chair can grow with the baby. Casters also come with some high chairs to make them easier to move. If your highchair has casters, be sure the wheels are locked when the chair is in use.

Remember when choosing a high chair, think safety, clean-ability, and ease of use and you will be well on the way to many happy meals with your baby. To learn more visit us on the Web at
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