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Video:How to Cut Your Child's Hair at Home

with Kathy Moore

Trimming your child's hair at home is simple, and it saves money. Learn the basics of cutting hair, plus how to prepare your child for his first haircut.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Cut Your Child's Hair at Home

Hi, I'm Kathy Moore for Parenting. Though I am not a beautician, I find that trimming my kids' hair at home is easy, and it saves money. This program offers tips on how to prepare your kids for that first haircut and some basic steps to ensure success.

Prepare Kids for Their First Haircut

To prepare my kids for the experience, we give each other pretend haircuts. We make believe going to the beauty salon and working on each other's hair.

Sometimes we also use the kids' dolls. This imaginative play helps set up the expectations of what a haircut will be like.

If you can also let you kids visit the salon when you get your hair cut, it will help them to see that the process does not hurt and can be fun.

Decide Where to Cut the Hair

Next, I decide what part of the hair is most important to cut. Once you start cutting, you may not have as much sit still time as you would like. So you need to prioritize the parts of the haircut in your mind before the child is sitting in the chair.

Tools for Cutting Hair

Then I gather up all the equipment I will need. This includes:
  • a towel
  • a comb
  • scissors
  • a spray bottle of water
You might also want some clippie barrettes for holding hair back. I have a special pair of scissors I only use on hair. The scissors the kids use for crafts just do not cut it.

Wet Your Child's Hair

Once I get my son in the seat with a towel secured around his neck, I spray his hair with water. Then I give him a hand-held mirror. Children will sit still longer if they can see themselves, and watch the progress. Playing fun music in the background also helps.

Cut Hair Above the Eyebrow Line

Next, I comb the hair forward and prepare to cut. The first cut is the hardest. I usually just set the unopened scissors on his skin so he can feel them and know that they will not hurt.

Then, I act quickly, cutting the hair above the eyebrow line. This usually takes two or three tries to get it relatively straight.

Cut Hair Around the Ears

Next, I cut around the ears and neckline. If my son is still sitting patiently, I go back and layer the rest of the hair by combing small sections out away from the head and cutting the hair at an angle.

Reassure Your Child

When cutting near the eyes and ears, I find it is helpful to always keep one hand on the child's head, for reassurance, as well as to steady his head so I do not cut him accidentally.

Cutting kid's hair at home can be a challenge. Just remember to make the experience fun for the kids, and they will cooperate as much as their age allows.

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