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Video:Teaching Kids to Put on Coats

with Kathy Moore

Is your toddler ready to put on his or her own coat alone? This simple method makes putting a coat on feel like a game, and it's also easy to replicate.See Transcript

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Transcript:Teaching Kids to Put on Coats

Hi I'm Kathy Moore for About.com Parenting. Whether it's dressing to ward off winters chill, or wearing a light jacket in spring or fall, even toddlers can learn how to put on their own jacket. This program will demonstrate a simple method to teach your child to put on his own coat.

When Are Kids Ready to Put on Coats?

As soon as kids can walk and stand steadily on their own, they can be taught to put on their own outer coat using this simple method.

Easy Steps to Put on Coats

Place the coat on the floor. Lay it flat with the inside facing up. Instruct your child to stand facing the top or collar of the coat. Then have them bend over and place their arms in the sleeves like this. Once the child has his arms in the sleeves have him lift the whole coat up and over his head. Then when he brings his arms down he will have completed the task of putting on his own coat.

Watch the simple steps again:
  • Place the coat on the floor
  • Lay it flat with the inside facing up
  • Stand facing the top or collar of the coat
  • Bend over and place the arms in the sleeves
  • Then lift the whole coat up and overhead
  • When the arms come down you are all set
Teaching your children to be responsible and independent is something that happens one step at a time. Being able to dress themselves is a big step along the way. Once they've developed better fine motor skills, you can start teaching them how to work the zipper!

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