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Video:Life Lessons: Kids Helping With the Laundry

with Kathy Moore

From sorting and counting to colors and shapes, kids can learn a lot by helping out with the laundry.See Transcript

Transcript:Life Lessons: Kids Helping With the Laundry

Hi, I'm Kathy Moore for About.com Parenting. Unless you have a full-time housekeeper, you probably spend a lot of time doing laundry. This program will offer some ideas about helping your kids learn by helping you with the laundry.

Sort the Laundry

Before I put a load in, I have the children help me sort the white items from the colored. This is a simple task, but it helps them learn the basic of sorting.

My 2-year-old loves to help me with the laundry. His favorite activity is pushing the wet clothes into the dryer. Our dryer door is just the right height for him to be able to help, and I do not mind not having to bend over.

Match the Clothes

Once the clothes are dry, I get the kids involved by helping me identify which clothes belong to whom. Both of my kids like to play the matching game, whether it is matching socks or clothes of the same color.

Sorting is another lesson to be found in the laundry basket. It is fun to challenge the kids to sort all the boy's pants or girl's shirts into a pile for folding. Then we practice counting by counting the clothes in each pile

Fold the Laundry

My kids are about as good at folding as my husband, but I do not mind having them try to fold the bibs, cooking aprons, and dish towels. As they practice folding the towels, I take the opportunity to teach them about square and rectangle shapes.

Of course, when all the sorting and folding is done, the empty laundry basket makes a fun place to play, too.

In addition to learning colors, sorting, and math, having your children help with daily chores like laundry also helps them build self esteem.

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