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Video:Helping Your Child Get Rid of the Pacifier.

with Alexandrea Day

Learning to live without a pacifier can be a difficult process for a child. As a parent, your job is to help them through it. See our tips on helping your child get rid of the pacifier once and for all.See Transcript

Transcript:Helping Your Child Get Rid of the Pacifier.

Many children use a pacifier for comfort. I’m not here to say whether they should or should not use one but when you’re ready for your child to stop, here are some tips.

Lose the Pacifier Early

Losing the pacifier is easiest done before 6 months old or after 3 years old.

Restrict Time With Pacifier

Make sure your child only has the pacifier for comfort, never just during the day just for the sake of it. They should just have it for comfort and sleep times.

Get Your Toddler On Board

If you’re trying to help your toddler ditch the pacifier it’s easier if they are fully on board with you.

Employ the Pacifier Fairy

You can always have the pacifier fairy come to your house. She works much like the tooth fairy. Get your child to put his/her pacifiers outside of the house at night; the pacifier fairy comes at night leaves your child a toy or something they really want.

Make Sure the Pacifier Stays Gone

Make sure when the pacifiers are gone, they are really gone. You don’t want your child finding any or you resorting to using one just because.

Your toddler may find giving up the pacifier difficult. Your job as a parent is to help them through this process.
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