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Video:Develop Exercise Habits With Your Children

with Kathy Moore

When you develop exercise routines with children, the habits can stick with them throughout their lives. Learn how to fit exercise into busy schedules, and see how to make exercise fun.See Transcript

Transcript:Develop Exercise Habits With Your Children

Hi. I am Kathy Moore for Parenting. We all know that active kids are healthier. But how do you get kids started? This program will provide ideas on developing an active exercise routine with your children.

How much Exercise do Children Need?

Health experts say adults and children should strive for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day.

Fitting in Children's Exercise

To get started on incorporating more exercise into your day try breaking it up into shorter periods of activity that are tied to certain times of the day.

Morning Exercise Ideas

My kids have a lot of energy right before breakfast so after I have started making their oatmeal, we like to start off the day with some hopping and twisting. The kids and I take turns being the leader.

Later in the morning we walk outside, weather permitting. Sometimes it is a hike in the woods while other times we walk to the mailbox.

Afternoon Exercise Ideas

Whether or not your kids take an afternoon nap, the period after lunch is a good time for simple stretching exercises on the floor. I find this is a good way to ease into the quieter part of the day in our house.

Evening Exercises for Children

Before our evening meal we usually like to get outside again for a game of tag or some other type of running around or else we will do some dancing in the house.

Anytime Exercise for Children

We are also trying to increase our physical activity by taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking farther away from the entrance when we go to the store. As the kids grow the activities can become more vigorous but for now they are developing the habit of staying active.

Create Exercise Habits With Children

By tying our exercise activity to different parts of the day, we have created a simple routine for the whole family. And this physical activity reduces behavioral issues and even helps them go to sleep easier.

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