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Video:Childproofing Your Home

with Kathy Moore

From cabinet locks to electrical outlet covers, you can make your home safer for children now. Childproof your home with some simple and easy-to-follow tips.See Transcript

Transcript:Childproofing Your Home

Hi, I'm Kathy Moore for Parenting. When you have small children in the house it is really important to take some basic steps to childproof your home.

Childproof Electrical Outlets

I am installing a new electrical outlet cover here. We have had outlet covers in place for a few years in our house but an article in the November, 2005 issue of Consumer Reports pointed out that the type of cover we had been using may pose a choking hazard for kids so I am going to start replacing those covers with a safer type.

Securing Cabinets

Around our house we also use several different types of cabinet locks to keep our kids out of places where they could get hurt. We also secure cupboards that hold breakable items or other things we do not want them getting into.

You can find cabinet-locking devices and outlet covers at most home centers or hardware stores. Depending on the type, they are usually easy to install and some are even too tricky for me to undo.

Removable Gates

When our kids were younger, we also used a removable gate to prevent the little ones from falling down the stairs. This gate is adjustable to the size of the opening but you can find a wide variety of permanent and removable gates.

Cord Safety

Window-blind pull-cords can be a choking hazard, so be sure to secure them up and out of the way of young hands.

Check around your house for any electrical cords that may be hanging down within kids' reach. Dangling cords can be a great temptation to mischievous kids.

Childproofing Bathrooms

Of course you know that water and electricity do not mix. So be extra careful in the bathroom with small appliances like curling irons and hair dryers. Keep them up and out of the way.

These are just a few of the safety precautions you can take around your home. Even if you have already child-proofed your home, I urge you to make a fresh inspection from top to bottom and look for child safety hazards that might exist. It might be a good idea to make that survey from down at your child's height. If you do, I bet you will notice some hazards you have never seen before.

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