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Video:5 Bubble Wands From Objects Around the House

with Shaneca Mason

Part of what's so fun about bubble wands is that you can make them from any number of common household objects. Here's a quick look at five of those household objects that can be turned into bubble wands.See Transcript

Transcript:5 Bubble Wands From Objects Around the House

Hi, I'm Shaneca Mason for About.com. In this video, you will learn how to make 5 bubble wands from objects around the house.

Bubble Wand Materials

You'll need:
  • A wire hanger
  • Pliers
  • 2 straws
  • String
  • Scissors
  • A fly swatter
  • Plastic ring packaging from a six-pack
  • A slotted spoon or spatula
  • Bubble solution
  • A tray or large bucket

Wire Hanger Bubble Wand

This wand, made out of a thin wire hanger, makes beautiful, large bubbles. Step one: With pliers, undo the hanger and fully straighten the wire. This step should be done by a safety-conscious adult. Step two: Create a large loop using the wire while leaving room for a handle. If you'd like a perfect circle, you can use a pot as a guide. Step three: Seal the loop by twisting the end portion around the handle. Step four: Bend the handle at an angle so the surface becomes easier to dip into the solution. Step five: Optionally wrap fabric strips or yarn around the loop. This will allow the wand to hold more bubble solution. Step six: Pour the solution in the tray or bucket, dip the wand in, and discover the many ways to create magnificent bubbles.

Straw and String Bubble Wand

This wand is known to produce enormous bubbles. Step one: Cut a string 36-48 inches long. Step two: Thread two 'non-bendy' straws onto the string. Step three: Tie a knot to form a circular string loop, and cut off the excess. Step four: Pull the knot under one of the straws so it's out of the way. Step five: Hold a straw in each hand and lower the wand into the bubble solution, submerging everything completely. Then, bring the straws together. Step six: Begin lifting the straws up and out of the solution. As you lift, pull your hands away from each other. Your bubble will start taking shape as it fills with air. Bring the straws back together to seal and send off your bubble.

Fly Swatter Bubble Wand

This is a perfect wand for little ones who have trouble with more advanced bubble techniques. Step one: Submerge a new fly swatter into a bucket or pan of bubble solution. Step two: Lift it out and swat it around. After a few swipes with this wand, there will be tiny bubbles everywhere!

Plastic Rings Bubble Wand

Repurpose a six-pack packaging ring into an eco bubble maker. Step one: Wash your packaging rings out, removing any dust or grime. Step two: Fully dunk the plastic rings into the bubble solution. Step three: Lift and pull through the air to create a trail of bubbles!

Spoon Strainer Bubble Wand

You'll find this ready-to-go bubble wand right in your kitchen drawer. Step one: Prepare a bucket or tray of bubble solution. Step two: Dip the spoon strainer into the solution. Step three: Blow through the spoon strainer or wave it around to create an atmosphere of bubbles.

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