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Video:Switching to Solid Baby Food Tips

with Mike McElroy

Is your baby read to start eating solid food? Find out when is a good time to introduce solid food to infants, and learn effective ways to wean it into their diets.See Transcript

Transcript:Switching to Solid Baby Food Tips

Hello, I am Mike McElroy, Life Coach for Parenting. Weaning your infant from breast milk to solid food can be an emotional experience for both of you. This video is created as a guide to make the transition a successful one.

When to Stop Breastfeeding

The consensus is that if possible, a baby should be breastfeed until 6 months of age. Thereafter the child will need more nutrients so it is important to introduce solid food at this time. You can certainly continue breastfeeding while introducing foods but the goal is to wean a child off of breast milk and entirely onto solid foods by his or her first birthday.

Shift to Solid Food Socially

First of all, make the shift as a social experience that allows your child to have more control over his or her surroundings. Being able to provide sustenance without dependencies is an empowering experience and your child will enjoy it.

Solid Baby Foods

New foods should be bland and made of liquid as much as possible in the beginning. You can puree foods in the blender or food processor to achieve this consistency, adding water, breast milk or formula as needed.

Solid Food Scheduling

Start with introducing two to three foods at a time and stick with them for a few days to watch for any adverse reactions. Also take notice of what foods your baby prefers, allowing the child to taste one at a time. Also, encourage self-feeding by putting small pieces of food in front of the child.

Make feeding time a good experience by taking the time to relax and take it slow. Provide a window of time to give foods to your baby once or twice a day in the beginning and then moving to 3 times a day with snacks when your child is well acquainted with solid food.

Gradually decrease breast feeding. Around a year or so you will find that your child prefers to eat and will lose interest in breast feeding for nourishment.

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