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Video:Replacing Wiper Blades on your Car for Maximum Safety

with Barbara Terry

Learn how and when to replace the wiper blades on your car for maximum performance and safety.See Transcript

Transcript:Replacing Wiper Blades on your Car for Maximum Safety

Hi, I'm Barbara Terry for Autos.

In order to see through your windshield clearly, you'll want to replace the wiper blades if they're worn out. And once you master this task it will be a breeze in the future.

Buying your Wiper Blades

At the auto parts store, ask someone to assist you in finding the proper blade replacement for your wiper blades. It's easier to buy the whole blade than just the rubber insert.

Removing Wiper Blades

When replacing the blade, pull it away from the windshield and you're either going to be required to pull on a tab or push on a tab. Today I'm actually pulling on mine. I'm going to pull on it, I'm going to slide the wiper blade down, and simply pop it off.

Replacing with New Wiper Blades

When replacing your old wiper blade with a new one, grab the new one, and just line it up with the blade arm and you're going to want to just slip it into place. Wait for it to click. When it does, put it back down on the windshield.

Keep in mind that not all wiper blade arms come up as far as the one we're demonstrating with today.

Wiper Blade Access

And you're done. If you're having trouble accessing your wiper blades, turn on your ignition, turn your windshield wipers on, and turn off your ignition when your wiper blades are vertical. This makes working on them a lot easier.

Have your blades replaced approximately twice a year.

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