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Video:Learn how to Replace your Car's Air Filter

with Barbara Terry

Learn how to change and maintain your car's air filter for optimal performance and gas mileage.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn how to Replace your Car's Air Filter

Hi, I'm Barbara Terry for Autos.
You should switch out your air filter approximately every 15,000 miles. It's something that can easily be done and will not break your bank.

Locating Air Filter

Let's start by popping the hood and locating our air filter. On corroburated engines, the air filter is located on top of the motor. It's a round metal piece that's usually about the size of a medium pizza.

On the fuel-injected vehicle that we're working on today, the air filter is located to the side of the engine and it's rectangular in shape.

Removing and Replacing Air Filter

Once you locate your air filter, you'll want to unclamp the housing, lift it up, remove the old air filter and set it aside. If you don't have a vacuum cleaner availabile use a wet cloth to remove all of the dust and dead bugs but today we're actually going to vacuum it out. We're going to make sure we get all of those dead bugs and dust out of there.

Again this is something that can be done really easily. Make sure to get it down in there really good and tight. Put the housing back on properly and of course re-clamp it down.

Air Filter Precautions

Remember to always have your motor turned off and your engine cooled down before messing around under the hood. And also, replace those dirty, old air filters with new, clean ones to keep your engine running properly and to ensure better gas mileage.

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