Quick Tip: What Does the Battery Light on Your Dashboard Mean? Video
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Video:Quick Tip: What Does the Battery Light on Your Dashboard Mean?

with Tony Louis

The battery light on your dashboard could mean any number of things, some very serious. This About.com video will explain what the battery light on your dashboard means.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: What Does the Battery Light on Your Dashboard Mean?

Hi, I'm Tony Louis for About.com and we're going to discuss the battery light on the dashboard of most modern vehicles.

Checking the Battery Light

Before you start a vehicle, if you look on the dashboard and turn the key to the on position, the one right before start, you will see the outline of a little battery
with a plus and minus sign on it. This is the battery (or charging) light. When you're driving, normally, it will be unlit.

Battery Light Comes on While Driving

However, if while you are driving and this light comes on, you should pull over as soon as it is safe. This light indicates that the alternator is not producing electricity and thus not charging the battery, the car is running on the battery itself. If the battery is well-charged, you will be able to proceed for a short time. So you need to get to the appropriate facility to have your electrical system, alternator and battery examined.

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