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Video:Prepare a Car for Summer Driving

with Barbara Terry

Summer driving requires different things from your car. Learn what to check and change in your car to transition it from winter's snow tires to summer performance.See Transcript

Transcript:Prepare a Car for Summer Driving

Hi, I'm Barbara Terry for Autos. Whether you're preparing your car for winter or summer, there are some adjustments and inspections that will need to be made pertaining to the season change. Today we're going to be talking about prepping your car for summer.

Switch Snow Tires for Summer Ones

If you've been using snow tires, switch them out for regular tires. This will give you a quieter, smoother ride. Also, you'll want to check the air pressure in your tires to make sure it's at the correct level. You may want to adjust it for the hotter operating conditions that we deal with in the summer. Having the proper air pressure in your tires will ensure you get the best gas mileage possible and make your tires last longer.

Check the Car's Fluids

Because our engine's cooling system works harder in warmer weather, make sure to have your radiator and your radiator hoses checked. Also, make sure that all of your fluids have the proper fluid level, and make sure to have your oil changed every 3,000 miles.

Prepare the Car for Summer Driving

Inspect the belts and the hoses and have them replaced if they need to be. Inspect the wiper blades and have them replaced if they are worn out. And always make sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid. Bugs are an increased nuisance in the summertime. For safety, make sure your windshield is clean and clear of them.

Please take time to make the adjustments and the inspections that are necessary to ensure a safer ride for you and other drivers on the road.

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