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Video:How to Remove the Wheel of a Car to Change the Brake Pad

with Matt Ediger

Learn how to remove the wheel of a car to change the brake pad on your own. Here, see information about how to remove the wheel of a car to change the brake pad.See Transcript

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Transcript:How to Remove the Wheel of a Car to Change the Brake Pad

Hi, I'm Matt Ediger for About.com and this is how to remove the wheel to check the cars brake pad.

Information About Brake Pads

Your cars brakes are one of the if not the most important aspect of your vehicle and, should be well taken care of. In this video we'll show you the parts and how they work. We'll show you how you can do this in your drive way but, for demonstrative purposes we'll be using a car lift.

How to Know When to Remove the Wheel of a Car to Change the Brake Pad

If your car is not stopping like it used to, the brake pedal travels farther than you think it should, it pulls or shudders under braking, or you hear a high pitched squeaking or scratching noise it probably means your due for a brake job.

Steps for Removing the Wheel of a Car to Change the Brake Pad

To remove the wheel to inspect your cars brake pads here’s what to do. Make sure your car is on an even surface. Put on the parking brake and place a chock behind one of the wheels, a small piece of wood works too. Before you begin jacking the car up remove the hubcap if your car has one, and loosen the lug nuts, you wont be able to loosen the nuts with the wheel in the air. Now take the jack and raise up the car so that the wheel can spin freely. Place a jack stand under the car in a spot that can withstand the weight.

At this point remove the lug nuts and place them to the side. If you have a hubcap put them on the backside of the cap so that they don't roll away. With the lug nuts removed, grab the tire and wheel at the 4 and 8 o’clock position and pull off the wheel.

Safety Tip for When Removing the Wheel of a Car to Change the Brake Pad

Do not put you head between the top of the tire and bottom of the fender, if the car were to slip off the jack stand your could seriously injured or killed by the falling car.

How to Change the Brake Pad

Now that you have the tire removed you can inspect your brake pads. Repeat this process for any and all pads you are inspecting. After you’ve inspected the pads and are ready to put the wheel back on take the wheel and put it back onto the hub, remember not to get your head under the fender well. Once on the hub take your lug nuts and start them by hand. Take your tire iron and tighten them down. You shouldn’t try and torque them until the car is on the ground. The next step is to get the jack stand out from under the car, to do this take your jack and jack up the car so that the stand can slide out easily. Now slowly let the car down and slide away the jack, Now, take a torque wrench or breaker bar and finish tightening down your lug nuts. If you’re using a torque wrench follow the manufactures specified torque rating. Put on your hub cap if you have one and the job is complete.

Thank you for watching we hope you've learned a little bit more about the components of your car. If you would like to learn more please find us on the web at About.com
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