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Video:How to Know if a Coil Wire Is Broken

with Matt Ediger

Want to know if the coil wire is broken in your car? Here, see valuable information and tips for knowing if the coil wire needs to be replaced.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Know if a Coil Wire Is Broken

Hi, I'm Matt Ediger from Downforce Motoring, for and this is how to know if your coil wire is broken.

What Is a Coil Wire in a Car?

Your cars coil wire is the is what delivers all the electricity to your spark plugs, via the distributor. The coil is powered by your alternator.

How to Tell if a Coil Wire Is Broken

It can be a hard to tell just by looking at the coil wire if it's broken or not. But, there are some tell tale signs that can serve as signs that it's on the way out. If you car is running rough, getting poor mileage, or has trouble starting then, at the very least an inspection is in order.

First we'll have to locate the wire this can be a little difficult on some newer cars, especially if they have individual coil packs. But, for most of us there will be a singular coil, and coil wire. Start by opening your hood and locating your coil, it's usually a small cylindrical device about the size as popular energy drink can. Once you've located the coil, you should see a wire similar to your spark plug wires attached to it. This is your coil wire. Now you'll really need to look at the wire. Gently bend the wire to expose any cracks, go along the entire length of the wire. Can you see damage caused by heat? Or, is there any visible wire through the insulation? If you find any damage then it's time to replace the wire. You can buy these at any parts store. While you're at it go ahead and replace the rest of your spark plug wires. These are usually pretty affordable and can range anywhere from $20-$100

If you decide to neglect your coil wire several things could happen the least of which is your car will run poorly. On the more extreme end there is a potential fire hazard. If you decide to replace your coil wire always remember to do this with the car off.

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