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Video:How to De-Ice a Car Windshield

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Is your car windshield constantly getting covered in ice? Learn some quick tips to properly de-ice your windshield, without scratching your car.See Transcript

Transcript:How to De-Ice a Car Windshield

Hi I'm Jamal Andress for and I'm here at The Tuning Spot with Stuart Cunningham. Today we're going to give you a quick tip video on how to properly de-ice your windshield.

To De-Ice Windows, Use a Plastic Scraper

Okay, so to properly de-ice your windshield you're going to need a windshield wiper scraper. Nearly all of them are going to have this hard plastic thing, not everyone has a brush. These are nice though if you can get one of these.

Remove Top Layer of Snow from Car

So just use the nice soft brush to just take all the snow and everything off. If you have to use the scraper, that's fine. Don't touch any of your paintwork with this plastic scraper. It will damage and scratch the paintwork.

Now typically when it has snowed like this, you are going to have a layer of ice. So you just want to go ahead and scratch but don't go digging at it. You can damage the windscreen. Get a good motion on there and scrape of all the ice.

Remove Ice and Snow Around Wiper Blades

Sometimes these wipers will get stuck. Just keep scraping at them until they become unstuck from the windscreen and then tap that ice off. Do it gently, but briskly and don't be afraid to give it a good tap. Just lift it up and just wipe it clean. If you're going down the road and you're finding your wipers aren't working in heavy snow, it's probably because you've got ice around packed around the motor arms here. So just make sure you get that cleaned out and it can damage the motor and all of the moving components of the wiper.

Thanks for watching our quick tip video on how to properly de-ice your windshield. Thank you to The Tuning Spot and thank you Stuart. For more information on auto mechanics be sure to check out

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