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Video:How to Change Windshield Wipers

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The first step to changing your windshield wipers is making sure that you have the correct blade. In this video, learn how to properly place new windshield wipers on your car.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Change Windshield Wipers

Christian: Hi, I'm Christian Bryant for and we're here at 'The Tuning Spot 'with Stuart Cunningham and we're going to be talking windshield wipers, how to change your windshield wipers. Stuart, first of all, how are you?

Stuart: I'm good. I'm good.

C: Good to see you today. Now what's the first step to changing windshield wipers?

Choose the Right Wipers for Your Car

S: The first step to changing your wipers is to make you that you have the correct size for your vehicle. So you can go, you know, go to an auto part store and have the person behind the counter look that up for you or if you're going to go to a regular store to get them again, most auto sections will have them. Just make sure you have the right size for your car and each side, the passenger side and the drivers side are likely to be different.

C: And they sell them in the pairs, correct?

S: They can sell them in the pairs. Actually, more often, they sell them individually.

Know What Size Wipers to Select

S: You know, you might have 50 cars or 300 cars that have an '18' and a '21', then you've got other different cars that have a '19' and a '20' and so it's actually more often that you'll be them individually and it's the easiest way to it that way.

C: Step one, buying the right size. Step two I guess is application?

S: Step two is application. It's quite simple.

Pull Windshield Wipers Away from Your Car

S: The first step is to pull your windshield wiper up, nice and easy like this, don't force it. Then what you need to do is right here in the middle where it's linked to the wiper arm, you're going to see a little clip. Now sometimes you push these clips in like this one. Occasionally you'll pull them out. You'll see very slight differences and variation on design in this but they're pretty much all exactly the same.

What I'm going to do is simply push my clip in and I'm going to pull down on the wiper. Look for the direction of the clip. It can only really go one way, you can't put it on wrong. You slip it in the hole and then you listen for the click. Then when you've got the click that means it's in, just do a quick check like this. It's not coming out by itself, okay. And then again, just nice and safely put it down softly and check to make sure your wipers work okay.

Double-Check for Problems with Windshield Wipers

S: You know, maybe try washing it and making sure that they're actually doing what they're supposed to do. You never know when you've got one from the store, from the manufacturer that's got a problem with it and that way you can take it back to the store before it's too late.

C: Thanks for watching our video on windshield wipers and thank you Stuart, I really appreciate it.

S: Always a pleasure.

Thanks a lot. For all things auto and windshield wipers, go to


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