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Video:How Does the Cooling System Work?

with Peter Licostie

The cooling system in your car keeps the engine from overheating. This video from will explain exactly how the cooling system does that.See Transcript

Transcript:How Does the Cooling System Work?

Hi, I'm Peter Licostie, an instructor at New York Automotive & Diesel Institute, and I'm here for to show you how a cooling system works.

Components of the Cooling System

The main component of the cooling system is the radiator. The radiator is going to have coolant or antifreeze stored inside of it. Cool air from the front of the vehicle will come across the radiator and cool the hot coolant as the antifreeze flows through the radiator. 

How the Cooling System Works

Our lower radiator hose, which is attached at the bottom of the radiator, is going to be used to allow the coolant to go from the bottom of the radiator into our water pump, and the water pump will start to provide the circulation of the coolant throughout the engine. Our water pump assembly is going to be used to draw the coolant through the lower radiator hose and allow the coolant to go through the engine block for circulation.

As the engine coolant is getting heated, it will go through the thermostat, which is located underneath my thermostat housing when the thermostat reaches its set temperature. As the coolant flows through the thermostat, it will flow through the upper radiator hose. From there it will go to the top part of the radiator, and as outside air comes through the radiator section, the hot coolant will get cooled off and go back into the engine as cooler engine coolant.

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