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Video:How Does Fuel Injection Work?

with Peter Licostie

The fuel injection system in a car is what actually delivers fuel to the engine. This video will go over the different parts of a car's fuel injection system.See Transcript

Transcript:How Does Fuel Injection Work?

Hi, my name is Peter Licostie. I'm one of the instructors at New York Automotive & Diesel Institute, and I'm here for to show you how fuel injection systems work. 

Sensors and the Engine Computer

The most important component of fuel injection on any vehicle has to do with the engine computer. The engine computer is going to receive information based on various sensors, and based on the input of these sensors, it's going to determine how much fuel the engine actually delivers. 

For an example, I have an engine coolant temperature sensor, which tells the computer the temperature of the engine coolant, otherwise know as our antifreeze. If the engine is ice cold, the car needs more fuel. So, the computer will know that the engine is cold based on the information from this sensor, and it will supply my fuel injectors with more fuel when the engine is cold. 

Other Sensors Affecting Fuel Injection

Other sensors are going to tell the computer on the volume of air coming from the air cleaner assembly. I have a sensor here called the mass airflow sensor, and he tells the computer the volume of incoming air from the air cleaner. The computer needs to know how much air is coming in in order to correctly deliver the correct amount of fuel to the engine from the fuel injectors. 

Another sensor that I have is a throttle position sensor. My throttle position sensor tells the computer exactly where my foot is on the accelerator pedal based on this throttle opening of this throttle plate. So, when my foot is further into the accelerator pedal, this throttle plate will open, more air flow will come through the throttle plate from my air duct assembly.

Computer Interprets Data From Sensors

The computer will receive that information, and it will deliver more fuel to the injectors so the engine is able to go faster. So, the faster we go, the more I press my foot on the accelerator pedal, the more air will come in. The computer will receive that information, and then it will receive that information, and it will send it to the injectors, and it will make the injectors spray fuel in more volume.

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