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Video:Easy Car Paint Scratch Removal Trick

with Barbara Terry

What's more unappealing than finding a nasty scratch in your car's paint job? Try this easy trick used by the professionals that will fill in the paint scratch without making a mess of your car or costing you a fortune.See Transcript

Transcript:Easy Car Paint Scratch Removal Trick

Hi, I'm Barbara Terry for Autos. It is not necessary to have your whole car painted or even the entire panel painted because you have acquired a few scratches. Most of the time you can fill in those scratches to create a like new smooth look.

Traditional Ways to Remove Paint Scratches

Most people who fill in a scratch will refer to the old bottle of paint and the brush applicator that is attached to this bottle that you can find at most auto supply stores.

Car Paint Scratch Trick Supplies

After years in the car industry learning the little tricks of the trade this is probably one of my favorites. You will need to buy a brand new medical syringe with a small needle, you can get one of these at a medical supply house.

Match the Car Paint

In order to get the correct match to your cars paint contact a body shop, give them the make, model, and year of your vehicle or simply take it to them so they can look at it and give you the correct match to your cars color.

Fill in the Car Paint Scratch

The benefit of this procedure is that you will be filling in the scratch not painting over it and also getting paint on the area around the scratch that is perfectly fine.

Fill the syringe with the paint, then carefully insert the needles tip into the far end of the scratch, release enough paint in order to fill in the scratch completely, make sure you do not over- fill in the scratch because then you will have paint running onto the perfectly fine areas of your car.

You will need to let this dry completely before washing your car.

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