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Video:Remove Corrosion From a Car Battery

with Barbara Terry

An essential way to keep your car running safely and efficiently is to keep corrosion corrosion off of your battery. Learn how to clean and maintain your car battery posts the traditional way, or try thisSee Transcript

Transcript:Remove Corrosion From a Car Battery

Hi, I'm Barbara Terry for Autos. It is essential to keep corrosion off of your battery posts in order to keep your vehicle running properly. There are traditional ways to do this - then there is a trick of the trade that will simply amaze you.

Car Battery Corrosion Maintenance

Before anti-corrosion sprays were invented, people would refer to the old wire brush in order to get the corrosion off your battery post. I've already loosened my battery cable today so I'm going to simply slip it on and twist it around until you get all the corrosion off your post. Or, if you prefer, use an anti-corrosion spray. This is a really simple thing to do also. You're going to spray it on, wait a minute or so, and then wash it off with warm water.

Trick to Remove Battery Corrosion

Or, a little trick of the trade that I was talking about earlier, it's really a cool amazing trick - literally a can of Coca-Cola. What you'll do is open it up and pour it onto the corrosion. Watch it bubble up, it literally eats the corrosion off of there. Again, wait a minute and wash it with warm water. And it's just that simple.

When to Check a Car Battery

If you're having a hard time getting your car started it may just be that there's corrosion on the battery post. If so, try one of the three methods that we demonstrated today - then try starting your car again.

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