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Video:Car Emergency Kit

with Barbara Terry

Car emergency kits can be inconspicuous enough that you barely notice them, but reliable when you're in a jam. Learn the essential items needed to build a reliable emergency kit for your car.See Transcript

Transcript:Car Emergency Kit

Hi, I'm Barbara Terry for Autos. It is extremely important to have certain essential items in your car incase of a breakdown or accident. These kits can be purchased at auto supply stores or you can create your own.

Chose a Car Kit Container

First of all acquire a container. I prefer a fishing tackle box, because it has little compartments and shelves.

Emergency Kit Supplies

These are the items that I carry with me, and if you want to add to this to customize your own emergency car kit - that is great!
  • band-aids
  • water
  • blanket
  • protein or breakfast bars
  • aspirin
  • pen and paper
  • scissors
  • towel
  • flashlight with extra batteries
  • road flares
  • all fluids- quart of oil, transmission, brake, power steering, windshield wiper fluid, clutch fluid if you are driving a standard transmission
  • can of 'fix-a-flat'
  • some antifreeze
  • set of jumper cables
You never know when you or your car will be having an issue while venturing out on the road, it is much better to be over prepared then under prepared!

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