Applying a Clear Coat Protector to Protect your Car's Paint from Fading Video
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Video:Applying a Clear Coat Protector to your Car's Paint Job

with Barbara Terry

Learn how to apply a clear coat protector to your car's paint to prevent fading and maintain resale value.See Transcript

Transcript:Applying a Clear Coat Protector to your Car's Paint Job

Hi, I'm Barbara Terry for Autos. By spending an hour or so applying a clear coat protector to your car's paint, you'll not only prevent premature fading, prevent oxidation, you'll also maintain your car's resale value, and of course, you'll keep your car's paint looking spiffy.

Protecting your Car's Paint Job- Products

After using many different clear coat protectors, I found that my favorite product is the one put out by Metro Guardian, and it's really simple to use.

Protecting your Car Paint- Applying Product

Grab a rag, and to apply the product you're going to rub it on to a panel of your vehicle. I would recommend doing 1 panel at a time and repeating the whole process throughout the vehicle. Make sure you get plenty of product onto the paint surface, rub it in really good, it might take some elbow grease, and wait until it dries to a nice haze, or until you can see the color of your paint through the product.

Then we're going to take a clean, soft cloth, an old t-shirt is really good to use- it's my favorite, and with a little bit more elbow grease, we're just going to wipe it off, very thoroughly.

Always allow the product to dry at least 24 hours before washing and waxing your vehicle. The product will leave a deep seal on your paint while forming a high-gloss finish that will actually repel water and other contaminants.

I absolutely love what it does to my car's surface. To learn more, visit us on the Web at

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