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Video:Elements of a Birth Chart

with Jen D'Amore

A birth chart is a map of the universe at the precise moment someone was born. Here are some tips on the elements of a birth chart, so that you can interpret the astrological information provided.See Transcript

Transcript:Elements of a Birth Chart

Hi, I'm Jen D'Amore for, and this video is all about the elements of a birth chart.

A Birth Chart is Divided Into Houses and Signs

A birth chart is basically a map of the universe at the precise moment someone was born. The circle, or wheel-shaped, chart is broken up into 360 degrees. The chart is further divided into 30-degree sections, known as "houses," numbered 1 through 12.

Each house represents a different area of concentration. For example, the second house has to do with money and wealth, and the fifth house has to do with romance.

Each sign also has it's own 30 degree section, separated by a cusp, and noted by the glyphs on the outer ring of the chart. The glyphs run counter clockwise, beginning with the Ascendant. Ascendent, noted as "ASC," is also known as the "rising sign" and indicates your outward personality. It is determined by the sign of the zodiac that was rising from the horizon at the moment of birth.

Horizon Lines Are Featured on a Birth Chart

Once that is in place, the other signs of the zodiac are entered counterclockwise.The horizon line runs horizontally across the chart and indicates where the horizon was, or where everything else was in relation to the horizon.

Directly across from the ascendent sign, on the horizon line, is the descendent sign noted as DSC. That is the zodiac that was descending at the moment of birth. The descendent sign has to do with your personality in relating to others.

Another line, but more of an imaginary line, could be drawn that indicates the Midheaven or MC at the top, and the IC at the bottom. The MC shows what was directly over head at the moment of birth, and the IC, was the point directly below us at the time of birth, on the other side of the earth.

Sun, Moon and Planets Are Shown on a Birth Chart

The sun, the moon, and the planets are all indicated on the chart, each with their own symbol, and the significant relationships between them are noted with aspects, which is the number of degrees between two planets as read around the 360-degree circumference of the chart.

If two planets have a 180-degree difference between them, they are considered to be in opposition. If two planets have almost no difference between their positions, they are in Conjunction.

Aspect Lines Drawn Between Planets on a Birth Chart

On the chart, lines are drawn between the planets that are in aspect to each other. The lines can become a bit cluttered, so the aspect information is usually assembled into a grid for easier interpretation. Aspects are often classified as positive, negative and weak aspects. There are also powerful aspects, like conjunction and square, and minor aspects, like semi-square.

While each aspect connects two points, or planets, in some charts, aspect patterns are created that can also be interpreted, such as the tee-square, and the grand cross.

All of this goes together to be interpreted to offer insight and understanding. Thanks for watching, to learn more visit us on the web at
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