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Video:How to Control Arthritis Without Drugs

with Dr, Robert Fenell

Learn how to control arthritis without drugs so that you don't have to deal with possible medication side effects or having to pay for costly pills. Here are tips for controlling arthritis without drugs.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Control Arthritis Without Drugs

Hello, I'm Dr. Robert Fenell, Founder of, and I'm here today on behalf of to discuss with you about how to control arthritis without taking drugs. As arthritis patients become more educated about the possible side effects of medications, they're becoming increasingly more aware of and interested in complementary or alternative options for their arthritis symptoms.

Alternative Medicine Options for Controlling Arthritis Without Drugs

Some of the alternative options include: chiropractic or osteopathic joint manipulation to help improve the range of motion alignment and strength of the involved arthritic joints; physical therapy to improve strength and range of motion in the joints and associated muscles; acupuncture or acupressure which can be used to alleviate pain; or reflexology which can help to trigger certain points on the body to alleviate pain and symptoms.

Dietary Options for Controlling Arthritis Without Drugs

Your diet can play a huge role in alleviating symptoms and inflammation associated with the arthritis process. Many people are used to eating a standard diet that includes a lot of sugar, salt, hydrogenated oils, dairy items and meats. These foods all add to the inflammatory process with arthritis.

Some of the anti-inflammatory type foods include: fresh fruits such as berries and melons; green leafy and bright-colored vegetables such as: spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, and collard greens; lean meats such as poultry and fish; snacks such as nuts, berries and different types of seeds; and limit your intake of grains by using only 100% whole grains, versus processed grains.

Tips for Controlling Arthritis Without Drugs

The majority of my patients that have used these anti-inflammatory conservative approaches have been very happy and satisfied with the results. Both the dietary changes as well as the other conservative methods that we talked about.

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