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Video:Foods to Avoid If You Have Gout

with Nick Jaynes

Learn these foods to avoid if you have gout so that you don't suffer from frequent gout attacks. Here are a few common foods to avoid if you have gout.See Transcript

Transcript:Foods to Avoid If You Have Gout

Hi I'm Nick Jaynes for and this is foods to avoid if you have gout. I'll be using information from the Health/Arthritis Guidesite on

What Is Gout?

Gout is a medical condition that is characterized by recurring attacks of inflammatory arthritis, caused by high levels of uric acid. The most common area affected is your foot. People with gout typically get it because their body produces much more uric acid than it can eliminate.

Avoid Purines If You Have Gout

If your diet includes purine and protein-rich foods it could be causing the gout. Purines are chemicals found naturally in some foods. When you digest purines, your body produces a waste product called uric acid. Here are some foods to avoid eating if you have gout.

In general foods that are high in fat and cholesterol are also high in purines. The foods with the highest purine levels are anchovies, gravies, kidneys, liver, sardines and mussels.

Proper Purine Intake Levels for Gout Patients

If you have gout you want to limit the amount of purines you eat. A dietitian will ask that you decrease your daily purine intake to 100-150 milligrams. A small serving of the high purine foods will contain up to 1,000 purines.

Large amounts of high protein, fatty white meats, like poultry and pork, can aggravate gout as well. Some foods that are moderately high in purines are chicken, salmon, veal, crab, lobster, and bacon. These foods may be in your diet often so you want to do your best to limit your intake, and balance your diet.

Vegetables to Avoid If You Have Gout

You should also take caution when you eat some vegetables. While it may seem like a healthy alternative, some veggies are high in purines. Specifically, asparagus, spinach, cauliflower, and mushrooms have the highest purine levels.

In addition to these foods you also want to avoid drinking alcohol, or drink it in moderation. Specifically stay away from beer. As tough as it sounds to cut beer out, you must because it can cause flare-ups. Since beer is made with yeast and grains, it contains large amounts of purines. If you are inclined to drink, an alternative is wine, but drink in moderation. Make sure to drink plenty of water.

Try to Lose Weight to Avoid Gout

In addition to avoiding these foods, you want to try to lose some weight. Make sure you do it at a steady pace otherwise your uric acid might go up. The best diet for gout includes foods that are low in fat and sugar and high in fiber.

Some foods that you want to eat are berries, bananas, celery, tomatoes, low fat dairy products, and juice. Stay away from ice cream, heavy cream, milk and butter.If you have a severe case and a diet is working for you, ask your doctor to prescribe medication for you.

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