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Video:Exercise and Arthritis

with Dr. Anca Askanase

If you suffer from arthritis, whether or not you exercise can have a great effect on how bad your arthritis is. This video explains the links between exercise and arthritis.See Transcript

Transcript:Exercise and Arthritis

Hi, I'm Dr. Anca Askanase, I'm a rheumatologist at the NYU Langone Medical Center for About.com. In this video, I will be discussing about the benefits of exercise in relationship to arthritis.

Exercise Helps Inflammatory Arthritis

Exercise is essential to living healthy. Arthritis should not be an excuse for people not to exercise. There are two broad categories of arthritis. Osteoarthritis, arthritis of wear and tear that affects the vast majority of aging people, and inflammatory arthritis. With inflammatory arthritis, the more you exercise, the better the joint feels. So there, exercise is clearly good.

Osteoarthritis Can Be Made Worse by Exercise

Exercise can produce pain with osteoarthritis. So it may be challenging for an osteoarthritis patient to exercise. They should work with a physical therapist at least in the beginning, to assess, and prevent further damage.

Exercise for Overweight Patients

Of course, exercise is a key element in weight loss. Overweight patients should lose weight because being in optimal weight is known to be one of the key things that are known to extend the life of osteoarthritis joints.

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