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Video:How to Use Google SketchUp

with Daniel Lazar

Google SketchUp is a great 3D modeling program that lets you design buildings in any way you choose. Here's a video giving you the basics on getting started with Google SketchUp.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Use Google SketchUp

Hi, I'm Daniel Lazar, for I'm going to show you Google SketchUp 8.

Starting With Google SketchUp

You can download the software from Google SketchUp is a fun and easy to use 3D modeling software for everyone. It has a free version and a paid version. Start a new project by accessing "File/New." Choose a geometric figure and click on the middle of your plane; place the cursor in the middle and, keeping the mouse button pressed down, drag the cursor until you reach your desired dimmension. Release the mouse and you have a plane. Using the "Push/Pull" button with the mouse button pressed down, create a cube adding height to the primary plane. Use the "Orbit" tool to see all facets of your cube.

Other Features of Google SketchUp

With "Paint Bucket," you have access to materials and colors available for modifying the primary shape. You can use presets or create new ones. Create another shape choosing from circle, arc, freehand or polygon tools. Place the middle of your future shape where you want it and drag. Use the "Push/Pull" tool to add height. Choosing "Offset" lets you create the same shape with smaller dimensions. Click the middle part of the shape and press delete. You will have the same shape but without the middle part. You can measure height, diameter and angles. Adding text is also easy; you can add simple text or 3D text. Choose size, extrusion, font and hit "OK" to place the text in your project.

Using 3D Warehouse With Google SketchUp

A cool feature is 3D Warehouse, which lets you add already-built design elements to your project. Some are free; for others, you will need to pay. But there are a lot of them and they will help you finish projects quickly. To use the "Arches" tool, first set the diameter. Then, you need to close the shape by using the "Line" button to add closing points. Another feature is "Section Plane," which lets you section a plane from your shape. Also, you will be able to add terrain and buildings via the internet using Google Earth software. This are just few examples of using Google SketchUp. Use "Help" to receive a lot of advice from the software or from the community of users of Google SketchUp. Now you know what it's all about so you can start becoming a master of Google SketchUp software.

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