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Video:Characteristics of the Postmodern Home Style

with Anita Cordell

The Postmodern home design is characterized by its whimsical architectural style. Watch this video to learn more about Postmodern homes and how they fare in the real estate market.See Transcript

Transcript:Characteristics of the Postmodern Home Style

Hi, My name is Anita Cordell and I am a licensed real estate agent in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area.  I'm here today to talk to you about Postmodern style homes for

Postmodern Homes Spins Traditional Styles

The Postmodern properties started being built from 1965 and they are all the way up to the present day.  The one way you will know you are looking at a Postmodern home is you will be able to look at it and say "Wow, that is so different!"

Postmodern style homes signature trait is that it blends the traditional and the new styles in surprising or even shocking ways, creating a sense of irony or whimsy.

Postmodern Homes Typically Use High End Materials

Everything in a Postmodern house is exaggerated, like 100 fold exaggerated.  You'll also notice in the Postmodern properties, nothing is builder grade.  Everything is expanded to being higher quality, there is exaggerated materials that would not usually be used in a traditional property.  They are found all over America, more on the East coast, probably moreso because it has more of an artsy flair. They are just found all over America.

Pros and Cons to Postmodern Home Architecture

The pros to doing a Postmodern property is that the sky is the limit.  If your budget is the limit, the sky is the limit. You can create any type of property that you want.  Whatever you are dreaming... your dream house is you can make this. Another pro of a Postmodern style property is you can make a property that uses your unique flair and personality. It can bring to life a lot of things that you desire to live in a home. 

The cons are that when  you build something that is so customized, you are going to have to get an architect to come in a build and customize your floor plan. So you may have to spend more money on it to meet your needs and wants.  Another con is that due to the fact that they don't use traditional builder grade material, and since it's higher quality, you will spend more in the making of it.

Due to the fact that in a Postmodern property you are instigating your own specific fingerprint on this, your pool of buyers is going to be a lot smaller because you are going to have to find that buyer who is going to embrace all your unique flairs that you brought to it. Therefore, resale is going to be harder.

If you are into the great taste of Postmodern then this is the way to go and you will not regret it if you like to go way all out. So enjoy your property and if you do like the Postmodern you are probably going to have a lot of fun decorating and looking, that's for sure. 

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