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Video:Characteristics of a Split Level Ranch Home

with Anita Cordell

Split level ranch homes are consistently popular and are the perfect style for some people. This video from will display some characteristics of split level ranch homes.See Transcript

Transcript:Characteristics of a Split Level Ranch Home

Hi, my name is Anita Cordell and I'm a licensed real estate agent in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area, and today I am going to be talking to you about split level ranch style homes, with information from the Home & Garden website.

Stairs in Split Level Ranch Homes

This version of a ranch style home was popular in the 1950's to 1980's just like the traditional ranches. The pros of a split level ranch, unlike the traditional ranches, this actually provides a little more privacy. So if you are in a room and there is a lot of noise, all you have to do is go down or up a half a flight of stairs and you are in a totally different part of the home. The con is, is that if you don't like stairs, this is probably not the plan for you. Usually, in a split level home, there are at least three half flights of stairs that you will have to use.

Types of Floor Plans in Split Level Ranch Homes

There are several different split level floor plan styles. One of them is where you will enter on the lowest level, which is usually the shared space between the garage and the basement. Unlike the raised ranch, which requires you to walk up a full flight of stairs, this particular floor plan will require you to only go up a half flight of stairs. And then on that main level there will be another half flight of stairs that lead up to the bedroom or other living areas.

More Split Level Ranch Home Floor Plans

Another style is called a split entry, and that is when you are going to walk into a house and you will immediately be faced with a decision, to either go up or down. And then the last style of home is where you would walk into directly the main level of the home, so you are actually walking into the main living area and then somewhere in that space would be some half flights of stairs, one going up and then a parallel set going down. That is usually called a side to side split as well as a tri-level split.

Split Level Ranches Are Unique

One more thing that I might add about split level ranches is that they are a fun home to live in. They are very unique, so you might see that no two homes are exactly the same because the splitting of the floor plan is going to be different. They are great for entertainment purposes as well, you'll have a place for guests to go to and have a little bit of privacy versus everybody right around the same area all of the time.

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