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Video:Characteristics of a Neo-Style Home

with Anita Cordell

There are a number of different neo-style homes that take elements of older architectural styles and re-purpose them in modern houses. This video will give you a brief overview of some different neo-style homes.See Transcript

Transcript:Characteristics of a Neo-Style Home

Hello, my name is Anita Cordell and I am a real estate agent in Kansas City, Missouri, for Today we will talk about neo-style homes with information from the website. 

Meaning of Neo-Style Homes

When we talk about neo-style homes, we are talking about homes built in the last half of the twentieth century all the way to the present day. These are homes that are inspired by and use elements of past architectural style in modern homes with modern conveniences.

One thing I have noticed as an agent is that many of these homes have a front facade that is much more elaborate than the sides and the backs of these homes. Also, the architectural style is often left in the main living area, but is not brought into the less seen rooms, such as the bedrooms, at all. Much of this depends on the price point and the over all quality of the home. 

Types of Neo-Styles: Neo-Traditional Houses

There are many different kinds of neo-style homes. For example, there is a neo-traditional home. This is a home that incorporates design and style from the past into a modern home made of modern materials. This kind of home is not an authentic reproduction of a past architectural type. Rather, it gives the idea of a historical building with traditional features and details. Most homes built in the last fifty years are this style. These homes may use details such as fireplaces, shutters, weather vanes and lamp posts that are ornamental rather that the practical reason for which they were originally used.

The interior floor plan may be more open and include a larger kitchen than a truly historical home would, but the shape of the house is often correct.

Other things to look for include things like archways, colonial windows, wood floors, towers, old fashioned porches, complicated rooflines and stained glass windows. These features can make an ordinary home much more appealing to a buyer.

Types of Neo-Styles: Neo-Eclectic Houses

The neo-eclectic style home is another example. It combines a variety of historic style homes into a single structure. It could, for example, include stucco siding, a Victorian tower and colonial windows. There is no limit on what styles can be incorporated into this style. Most houses built today borrow from multiple historic types.

Types of Neo-Styles: Neo-Colonial Houses

The neo-colonial style home is one of the more specific neo-style homes. It is generally rectangular in shape and it is inspired by the original colonial style homes from early America. The floor plan would be fairly traditional with a center entrance and a main living area downstairs and the bedrooms upstairs.

There are way too many neo-style homes to talk about here, but if you would like more information about this style, come visit us on the web at

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