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Video:Characteristics of a Colonial Cape Cod Home

with Fred Abler

Colonial Cape Cod home architecture is popular in coastal communities and are popular in the real estate market for their charming design. Learn more about the Colonial Cap Cod Home style in the video from About.comSee Transcript

Transcript:Characteristics of a Colonial Cape Cod Home

Hi, I'm Fred Abler, Graduate Architect and CEO of I'm here today for to talk with you about the characteristics of a Colonial Cape Cod home.

Colonial Cap Cod Homes are Popular in Coastal Communities

Originating in Colonial New England, this style of home has been around since the 1600s, but gained mainstream popularity during the first half of the 20th century. You can now find them throughout the Unites States in coastal communities. This spare design was originally created to withstand Massachusetts's harsh winters; however, later revival styles would add more architectural elements and features, to increase the cottages' charm.

Features in a Colonial Cape Cod Home

The Kathryn Waite house in Carmel, California is a good example of a Colonial Revival Cape Cod. Like the cottages built in the Colonial era, this home shares the following characteristics: a rectangular floor plan not exceeding 2,000 square feet; one-and-a-half stories; wood construction covered in wide clapboard; a steeply pitched roof with end gables; and a symmetrical exterior with a centered front door, flanked on either side by two multi-paned, shuttered windows.

Traditional Colonial Cape Cods had central chimneys, but as you can see here, this revival has chimney placement on the side of the house. The two dormer windows are also indicative of the revival style. Colonial Cape Cods tend to have the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms on the ground level with a loft area upstairs.

Pros and Cons of the Cape Cod Home Design

Having everything on the first floor makes the style an ideal home for families with small children, or those with an inability to climb stairs on a regular basis. However, the minimal square footage may be a drawback for some. Colonial Cape Cods and revivals of this style tend to do well in most markets, as their historical and classic features appeal to many real estate enthusiasts. They're timeless in many ways, and evoke a sense of graceful simplicity not often found in modern residential architecture. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at

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