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Video:How to Hang a Frameless Wall Mirror

with Ami Young

Though seemingly tricky to hang, mirrors can add a spacious feeling to any room. Learn how to hang your frameless wall mirror safely and effectively.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Hang a Frameless Wall Mirror

Hi! I'm Ami Young for Home.

Wall mirrors are great for opening up small rooms and tight spaces to warmth and light. So today Im going to show you how to hang a frameless wall mirror that has a one-inch beveled edge on it.

Materials Needed

For this project, you will need:
  1. A frameless wall mirror with 1 inch beveled edges
  2. Wall mirror mounting brackets
  3. A number 2 pencil
  4. Drywall anchor bolts or screws (that are weighted to hold up to 20 pounds)
  5. A phillips head screw driver
  6. A hammer
  7. A measure tape
  8. A long skinny flat head nail

Setting your Mirror's Location

First, lift your mirror up to where you want to mount it on the wall and get it squared up. Next, using your number 2 pencil, outline the top, bottom, and side edges of where you want the mirror to hang. Take the mirror back down and rest it against a different wall.

Aligning your Brackets

With your measure tape, make two marks on both the top and the bottom of where the mirror will hang - just about a third of the way in from the left and right edge marks. Next, line up your brackets at each of the marks and use your number 2 Pencil to mark the holes where each of the brackets will screw into the wall.

Testing your Wall Strength

Since larger mirrors can be especially heavy and break easily, you need to figure out if there is a wood stud behind the drywall or just air before mounting it.

To figure this out, take your nail and hammer it into the center of your drill hole marks. Hammer the nail into the drywall just about half way in. If you hit a wood stud behind the wall, you'll notice the nail suddenly becoming more difficult to hammer in. In this case, you would only need a screw and not an anchor bolt. But, if the nail easily punches into the drywall with very little resistance, then youre going to need to use an anchor bolt for that hole so your mirror doesnt fall off the wall.

Hammering your Anchors

Now that we've determined where we need an anchor bolt and where we only need a screw – lightly hammer one anchor into the holes where you have drywall only until the anchor is flush with the surface of the wall.

Hanging your Brackets

Next, using your Philips head screwdriver, line up your bracket with the screw hole and screw in the screws for each of the brackets on the bottom of where the mirror will hang. Screw each screw in, just about three-quarters of the way.

Mirror Hanging

Slide your mirror down into the brackets so the mirror is flush against the wall and line up to where you want it. Line up the brackets with the screw holes for the top of the mirror. Using your Phillips head screwdriver, screw each of the other two brackets into the wall, double checking that each of the brackets clamp over the top of the mirror evenly. Tighten down the bottom two bracket screws the rest of the way.

So there you have it! A beautiful new frameless wall mirror to open up your home!

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