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Video:How to Make a Home Emergency Kit

with Sarah Pihl

If an emergency arises, will you be prepared? Find out everything you need to make a home emergency kit.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Home Emergency Kit

Hi, I am Sarah Pihl for About.com Home. Emergencies can happen anywhere and any time. That's why it pays to be prepared, even in the comfort of your own apartment.

Stock Up on Water

A three day's supply of survival gear is what you should aim for. Water is essential. Guidelines recommend three gallons of water for every person. I opt for the suggested amount but in smaller containers.

Buy Plenty of Food

Food is a must - plenty of canned meat, fruits, and veggies. But do not assume you will be cooking up a storm. This stuff must be ready to eat.

Be sure to throw in some high-energy items to keep you going and some comfort foods to help with stress. And also helpful, a manual can opener, cutlery, cooking supplies like aluminum foil, garbage bags, and a seasoning or two.

Make a First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is key. You can put together your own, but there are plenty pre-made ones to choose from. Be sure to include back-ups of any eyeglasses, vitamins, medications, and prescriptions you use.

Pack the Essentials in the Emergency Kit

Stock up on sanitary supplies. That means toilet paper, soaps, dental care, disinfectant, and feminine supplies.

Other essentials include:
  • cash - $50 to $100 dollars is a good start
  • a flashlight with extra batteries
  • a battery-powered clock radio combo
  • matches sealed up in a waterproof bag
  • a utility knife and other basic tools
  • compass and area maps
  • paper and pencil
  • needle and thread
  • household bleach
  • a whistle
Customize your kit, too. If you have animals or infants, add stuff for them too. It seems like a lot load up on.

Store the Emergency Kit

In any apartment space comes at a premium. But because I opt for smaller water bottles, I can fit them and the rest of my supplies in two Tupperware containers stored neatly under my bed.

Collect important documents like passports and insurance policies, and seal them in in an airtight container.

Maintain the Emergency Kit Supplies

And lastly, include a list of the contents of your survival kit and all the expiration dates. I keep that list with my supplies and mark my calendar to check the expiration dates once a year.

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