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Video:Install A Deadbolt

with Ami Young

Learn how to install a deadbolt on your front door, so you can have an added sense of security in your home.See Transcript

Transcript:Install A Deadbolt

Hi! I'm Ami Young for Home. Today were going to show you how to install a deadbolt in your front door.

Materials Needed

For this project, you're going to need:
  • A Single Cylinder Deadbolt Kit
  • A phillips head screw Driver
In your kit:
  • A door template
  • A cylinder (with tail piece attached)
  • A deadbolt
  • A turn piece face plate
  • Some screws

Drilling Deadbolt Holes

Now, as you can see here, the holes for our deadbolt have already been pre-drilled for this door. If you do not have predrilled holes in your door, then you will need to do this first. To drill a face bore and edge bore for your lock, you will need a power drill, a two and 1 eigth inch drill bit and a one-inch drill bit, a pencil, a chisel, and the template that came with your deadbolt kit.

Aligning your Template

Line up the template approximately 40 inches above the floor on the door. With your pencil, mark the center of the face bore on one side of the door and mark the center for the edge bore. Using the 2 and 1/8 drill bit, drill the face bore first, second drill the edge bore with your one-inch drill bit. Chisel out the area marked from the template for your faceplate.

Adjusting to your Door

First, before you insert the deadbolt latch, many deadbolts have an adjustable backset feature that adjusts to the space inside the door, so adjust this as necessary for the correct fitting in your door.

Inserting your Deadbolt Lock

Once you have it adjusted, insert the lock. Now, secure the faceplate to your door by screwing in the two flat head screws from your kit. Note here that the arrow on the screw guide must be on the outside and pointing up.

Next, on the outside of the door, line up and extend the deadbolt components using your screwdriver by going into the lock hole in the door and giving it a twist. Keeping the tailpiece vertical, insert the cylinder through the collar and screw the guide into deadbolt.

Affixing Deadbolt Functionality

Now hold everything in place with one hand while on the inside of the door, using your other hand, place the turn-piece mounting plate into the lock hole. Next, attach the cylinder using the two machine screws supplied with your deadbolt kit. Insert the screws through the mounting plate deadbolt screw guide & collar into the cylinder.

Once you have everything lined up in the deadbolt, go ahead and tighten down all of your screws and try it out!

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