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Video:How to Break Apartment Lease

with Bonnie Zaiss

Learn how to break an apartment lease in case you must move from your current living situation. Here are some tips on how to break an apartment lease.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Break Apartment Lease

Hi, I'm Bonnie Zaiss for

When you sign a lease to rent an apartment, you are committed to a binding contract between you and the landlord or property owner. You've made a promise to pay your rent on time for a fixed term -- typically for 12 months. Should you break that contract, you could lose your security deposit or face more other penalties.

Talk to Your Landlord to Break an Apartment Lease

If you need to break your lease, try to give your landlord at least 30 days notice. Take a close look at your contract and see if there are any circumstances that will allow you to be released from completing your term such as tenant health issues, an unsafe living environment or a job transfer.

Meet with your landlord and discuss the details of the lease. Try to negotiate some sort of compromise such as giving up some of your security deposit or finding someone to sublet your rental through the rest of the lease.

Talk to a Lawyer to Break an Apartment Lease

As a last resort, talk to a lawyer. But consider the cost of working with an attorney. If the cost of the attorney is greater than completing your lease agreement, you may just want to pay off the term of the lease.

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