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Video:How to Adjust a Pendulum Clock

with Jonathan Mattson

It's easier than you think to adjust a pendulum clock. Learn how to adjust a pendulum clock so that the time is always correct on your antique.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Adjust a Pendulum Clock

Hi, my name is Jonathan Mattson with the Tick Tock Shop in Colorado Springs, Colorado for I'd like to explain today how to regulate a pendulum clock.

Adjust a Pendulum Clock Basics

The basic rule of thumb in adjusting timekeeping on a pendulum clock is that up speeds it up and down slows it down. So you move the pendulum up, the clock will run faster. Move the pendulum down, the clock will run slower.

I'm going to demonstrate how to do that on a grandfather clock. Most pendulum clocks will be very similar. They will have a little nut down at the bottom. And this little nut, by turning it, will raise and lower this round bob, effectively changing the length of the pendulum.

So as you turn this nut to the right to raise the pendulum up, the clock will go faster. Turn it to the left to lower it, and the clock will run slower.

Tips to Adjust a Pendulum Clock

When you're adjusting the nut, you need to be gentle with it. I usually recommend holding the pendulum up a little higher, so you don't twist it and cause damage up in the clock. And then simply turn the nut. On most clocks, about a full turn on that nut adjusts it somewhere around a minute a day.

One of the hard parts about a nut is keeping track of how far you're adjusting it and how big of a difference it makes. On some clocks you can actually mark the back of the pendulum and have an idea of how far you've been moving the pendulum.

Another way you can do that is to make a chart. Fill it out with the date that you adjusted it, how far off the clock is -- fast or slow -- and then how far you turned the nut.

Well I hope that answers your question about how to regulate a pendulum clock. Thanks for watching. To learn more, join us on the web at
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