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Video:What Is Metazoa?

with Daphne Rodriguez

Metazoa is a classification that includes all animals. Watch this educational video to learn more about metazoa.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is Metazoa?

Metazoa may sound like a name out of a sci-fi movie but it actually includes all animals and people like you and me.  Hi, I'm Daphne Rodriguez for About.com. Today, I am going to share information on what metazoa is.


Scientists organize different organisms into different categories starting from the broadest division known as domains, down to the most specific category which are known as species. These divisions are based on each organism’s cellular characteristics as well as other more detailed attributes. The domain, eukarya contains organisms that have cells with a nucleus and further subdivided into this are kingdoms. Metazoa otherwise known as Anamalia, is a kingdom that includes all animals. This mean humans, dogs, snakes, fish and anything that has some of these characteristics are included in this kingdom.

Characteristics of Metazoans

These characteristics are:

  • A lack of a cell wall. Plants have a cell wall and also lack some functions that animal cells have.
  • Metazoans are multicellular meaning their bodies are made up of more than one cell.
  • They are capable of moving and at some point in their life use locomotion.
  • The majority sexually reproduce.
  • All are heterotrophic and rely on other organisms as a food source.
  • Metazoans also have different tissue which are responsible for different actions in the body such as nervous or muscle tissue. One exception to this are the sponges as they do not have specialized cells and rely on water currents to carry out the processes within their cells.

Thank you for watching, for more information on metazoa or other animal groups, go to: education.about.com.

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