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Video:How to Form a Hamburger Patty

with Chris Davis

Great hamburgers start with properly formed patties. Watch this video for some tips on forming hamburger patties for the grill.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Form a Hamburger Patty

Hi I'm Chris Davis for Before you bite into that perfectly grilled burger you you need to shape it. Let's review how to form a hamburger patty.

Best Meat for Hamburger Patty

Choosing the right meat is important. Look for hamburger that is 75-85 percent lean to achieve a juicy burger. However, the more fat content there is in the meat the more likely your burger will shrink on the grill. Also look for coarsely ground meat it will stick together better. Finely ground meat becomes soft and mushy. This will make it difficult to form patties and they will be more likely to fall apart on the grill.

Putting Together the Hamburger Patty

Bring the meat to room temperature the warmer meat is the easier it will be to form patties without it cracking it.

Start by placing a little olive oil on both hands. This will help keep the burger from sticking to you. Chris Davis Next shape a loose ball with the meat. Pressing gently with the balls of your hands to form a patty. Don't push to hard or try to pack it down. The more you pack, the denser the burger will be. This will cause the burger to dry out during cooking and increase the chance of shrinkage.

Finishing the Hamburger Patty

With the patty in one hand, cup your other hand around the edge and press gently continuing to turn the burger as you go. You want to create smooth sides, however, they don't have to be perfect. Keep in mind the more you handle the meat, the less juicy your burger will be.

Half-inch thick patties are a good starting point, however, you can make them any size you like. Just realize adjusting the thickness will alter your cooking time.

Now place the burger on a plate and with a spoon or your thumb press an indentation in the center. This will keep the burger from swelling up in the middle as you grill.

And if you don't want to handle the meat much at all you can always use a hamburger press. Fill it with hamburger gently press and remove.

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