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Video:How to Give a Foot Massage

with Cathy Wong

Treat your tired and neglected feet with a spa-caliber foot massage! Learn simple but soothing massage techniques that you can practice at home.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Give a Foot Massage

Hi, I'm Cathy Wong, your Guide to Alternative Medicine at

Benefits of a Foot Massage

There's no question that our feet are one of the most hardest working parts of our body. Whether we're standing all day, pounding the pavement or squashing them into uncomfortable shoes, they can really take a beating.

A simple way to give tired, neglected feet a treat is to give them a foot massage. So we turned to the pros at Exhale Spa in Boston to show us some basic techniques on how to give a spa-caliber foot massage at home.

Clean the Feet

Prepare the feet by washing, soaking, and drying them. Get the receiver situated and comfortable.

Lubricate the Feet

We are not using massage oil or cream in this demonstration, though in the spa we might use either oil or cream or a mixture of both.

Warm the Feet for a Foot Massage

Starting gently, working slowly and rhythmically:
  • squeeze foot down and up, three times
  • roll between hands
  • roll ankle side to side
  • bend foot over thumbs, working from toes, to arch, and back
  • zigzag thumbs, from toes to heel and back three times
  • fold toes back and hold for 20 seconds or so

Deep Tissue Foot Massage

Place knuckles on the sole of the foot:
  • hold firmly with other hand and make half-circles with knuckles
  • check in with receiver to make sure it isn't too intense

Massage the Foot Heel, Toes, and Sides

  • squeeze heel for a 1-2-3-2-1 count
  • clamp and press outside edge, up and down three times
Start with the baby toe:
  • grasp base, rotate gently five times
  • give a gentle pull

Finish the Foot Massage

Wrap the foot in a towel, and you're done.

Thanks for watching. To learn more about massage, please visit us on the Web at
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