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Video:Top Treatments for Alcoholism

with Dr. Ingrid Mathieu

Alcoholism can be treated with different methods at different facilities. Learn about the best choices for alcoholism treatment.See Transcript

Transcript:Top Treatments for Alcoholism

Hello, I’m Dr. Ingrid Mathieu and I’m a clinical psychologist.  Today we’ll be discussing top treatments for alcoholism for

Types of Treatment for Alcoholism 

Although some people can stop drinking on their own, most people with alcohol dependence will need help to stop. Abruptly stopping drinking can be dangerous and even life threatening, so it is important that you consult your doctor to determine which type of treatment would be best suited for you.

Treatment Process for Alcoholism 

Recovery from alcoholism is not a cure – it is a lifelong process. It can be likened to treatment for diabetes – where a diabetic regulates their diet and receives insulin injections to manage their disease, but they will remain a diabetic for the rest of their lives.

Treatment for alcoholism typically involves learning about the disease of alcoholism, gaining the motivation to maintain a commitment to one’s sobriety, learning the skills that are necessary to stay sober, creating a support system for one’s recovery and addressing the underlying issues that often accompany addiction.

A common adage in recovery is that the only thing that has to change is everything.  This is because one will need to work to restore relationship with family and friends, adopt new attitudes and behaviors, find ways to cultivate meaning and happiness in ways that do not include alcohol.

Treatment Facilities for Alcoholism

There are many types of treatment for addiction including residential facilities, in-patient and out-patient programs, as well as self-help programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART recovery and Women For Sobriety. Success rates for treatment improve the longer one stays in treatment.

Although programming varies a great deal, treatment tends to include:

  • Detoxification
  • Medication Management
  • Individual and Group Therapy
  • Family and/or Couples Therapy
  • Education about alcohol abuse and dependence
  • Support Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous
  • After-care planning

And since other mental health issues often accompany alcoholism, most facilities will treat issues such as depression, anxiety and traum. Treatment facilities often work with these dual diagnosies and programming is tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

Treatment for alcoholism is a vital step in recovery and although the path might look very different, the most important part of the journey is taking the first step in asking for help.

This is Dr. Ingrid Mathieu and we’ve been discussing top treatments for alcoholism for  Thanks for watching.


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