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Video:Popping Pimples

with Angela Palmer

When you spot a pimple, it's tempting to pop it just to make it go away. But popping pimples is bad for your skin, and you'll cause more problems than you might think.See Transcript

Transcript:Popping Pimples

Is Popping Pimples Bad?

Yes, popping pimples is bad for your skin. An inflamed blemish happens when the pore becomes engorged with excess sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria.

What Happens When You Pop a Pimple

When you squeeze a pimple, you may force the debris from the pore deeper into the follicle. That can cause the follicle wall to rupture and spill infected material into the dermis (the innermost section of the skin.)

Not only do you run the risk of scarring if you pick at or "pop" your pimples, you can worsen the blemish.

Popping Pimples Can Lead to Painful Results

Squeezing a pimple can lead to a nodule, a hard, red, painful blemish deep within the skin or a cyst. Cysts are large and painfully inflamed lesions. They develop when a membrane forms around the infection in the dermis, creating a soft, fluid-filled lump. Cysts must by treated by a physician.

Picking at your blemishes can spread infection, and ultimately worsen your acne. Clearly a hands-off policy is the best choice when it comes to your skin.

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