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Video:10 Ways to Wear a Scarf

with Sharon Haver

Scarves are an often overlooked accessory that can add a splash of color or a layer of texture to any outfit. Watch over 10 ways to wear scarves of different sizes and lengths.See Transcript

Transcript:10 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Hello! I'm Sharon Haver, the founder of And I'm here for at Barney's New York and we're going to talk about the best scarves to wear and what scarf styles look great to accessorize your wardrobe and stay modern and on trend.

Scarves at Ties

We're here with Nora King our model and Nora is demonstrating a very cute, young way of wearing a tie and what it is is – it's a regular average medium square scarf, the classic square silk scarf. Silk is kind of important in this and we ties it like a man's tie. And it's a really sweet fresh way and it actually works better on someone with a little of a younger feel. And doesn't take it too seriously.

Scarves in Triangles

One of the ways you could wear it is the way I have it – it's the same size scarf and all if did was I tied it as a triangle and then I turned the ends over once so, it just doesn't look so stiff, put it on, yeah you could try the same thing – you twisted these? Yeah. Once. And you just put it on naturally.

Scarves as Ascots

And, if it starts to slip you may want to put a little knot in it. Now, that's another way. Nora did it more like an ascot. So, what I did was, I just put it on and tied it to the side, Nora put it in the other way, and then she took the two ends and she tied it in the front as if it was an ascot, which is very chic right now.

Scarves as Head Wraps

And that's another thing you can do with the same size scarf. You take the scarf, depending on your head size folding it over once or twice. And, this is a good way, when your hair is a little mussy in the summer. Tie it in the back. Bad hair day and keep it a little, maybe to the side a little bit. And this would look really pretty with large sunglasses to sort of complete the look.

Scarves as Blouses

Then you can take the scarf and you can fold it in half and make believe that Nora is not wearing anything underneath. Take the ends, tie it once this way. And then you take the two loose ends here and you tie them in the back. And you get a quick cute little blouse out of it.

Scarves as Belts

Dressing up a pair of jeans is taking this scarf and making it really narrow and you can put it through your belt loops and then tie it and make it really pretty. Soft and easy. Just might need the extra know…belt. So you have that.

Scarves as Throws

Take the scarf you hold it the narrow way, put a knot on either end, put your arms, here's a sleeve and a sleeve and turn around, and you get a quick little throw out of it. And that's al with a basic size medium scarf. Another great size scarf is an oblong. It's a soft woven fabric. A pashmina or a cotton. You can do so much more.

Scarves Around the Neck

The easiest thing is just take it, put it around your neck and put it this way and tie it that way for something very soft and casual and it could be over a jacket and it just adds another layer and dimension to what you're wearing.

Fold it in half. Put it around your neck, make a loop, bring it through, and that's you have a simple basic knot which is really pretty.

Small Square Scarf Ideas

The other scarf which I think is really important in the summer is the tiny little square. You can do so many things with it. You can simply wear it like the perfect little neckerchief, like that, over a white T shirt and instantly it almost becomes a necklace to what you are wearing. You could wear this more like a kerchief. Like the little tales turning up in the back, just like that.

If you're just wearing something really simple like a white tank and a pair of jeans, could twist it around a couple of times, and it's instant jewelry.

Large Scarf Ideas

The big square. Tie it around once. Make a soft knot on the side, put it down that way. Another option is a very beautiful light weight evening scarf. Something that simply just rests on your shoulders and just sort of wear and it dresses up a simple outfit. And it's not as outdated as that big old pashmina. And it's much more modern, it just stays warm and beautiful and if you really need some versatility you can just simply make a knot.

Keep it simple, not contrived and easy. To learn more, visit us on the Web at
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