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Video:Ice Breakers for Middle Schoolers

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Learn these ice breakers for middle schoolers so that you can encourage your students to open up about themselves in a classroom setting. Here are some tips for fun ice breakers for middle schoolers.See Transcript

Transcript:Ice Breakers for Middle Schoolers

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for, and today we'll share some icebreakers for middle school students.

Why Are Ice Breakers for Middle Schoolers Important?

Icebreakers are great introductions to any social situation, especially the first day back to school, or for students who have never worked or learned together in the same setting. It builds trust and motivation.

Crossword Connection Is a Fun Ice Breaker for Middle Schoolers

Try Crossword Connection. The teacher starts the icebreaker game by writing their name on the board, for instance, Mrs. Jones, in clear, capital, easy-to-read letters. Then the teacher shares a personal detail about herself - perhaps an instrument she learned to play in her childhood. Next, bring a student up and have them write their name, crossing the teacher's name like in a crossword puzzle, diagonally, across, up and down. Your names will be connected, then the student will share a personal detail about themselves. You'll go through the classroom until every student has put their name up on the board, the crossword, and has shared a detail about themselves.

New Friend Scavenger Hunt Is a Good Ice Breaker for Middle Schoolers

Or try the New Friend Scavenger Hunt. Write down a list of categories. Students find someone in the class that matches that category, and they're not done until they have a student name next to each category on the list.Finally, why not try a game of True or False, a great way to try and get to know one another, another great icebreaker. The student writes down two true items about themselves, and one false fact. And then students get grouped together in groups of two or more, and try to figure out what fact is false. It's a great way to know each other's likes and dislikes, as well as have a little fun.

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