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Video:What Makes a Vehicle Good for Towing behind an RV

with Nick Jaynes

4x4 vehicles can be a lot of fun out in the open country but not so fun to sleep in. In this how-to video from About.com, get some insight into the best cars to tow behind an RV for a roadtrip.See Transcript

Transcript:What Makes a Vehicle Good for Towing behind an RV

Hi I'm Nick Jaynes for About.com and this is “What Makes a Vehicle Good for Towing.” Many people own both a 4x4 vehicle and also an RV and wish to take them both along with them on a trip.

4x4 vehicles can be a lot of fun out in the open country but not so fun to sleep in. So if you're able to tow your 4x4 behind your RV or mobile home, you'll have a significantly better trip.

Towing a Vehicle on all 4 Wheels

Towing a vehicle 4 wheels down (also referred to as "dinghy towing" or "toading" by some hardcore off roaders) has many advantages and is becoming increasingly popular. It's becoming increasingly popular because it has little or no effect on the handling, gas mileage, or overall wear and tear of your RV.

The "best" tow vehicle is one that can be towed with its wheels on the ground, is relatively lightweight, and doesn't register miles while being towed. The lighter the vehicle is, the less wear and tear on the RV and towing system.

Most vehicles that are not approved by their manufacturers for towing on all four wheels can still be towed using aftermarket accessories such as a cable-operated drive shaft-disconnect device (rear-wheel-drive vehicles only), a drive shaft-disconnect device, or free-wheeling hubs (front-wheel drive).

Towing a Manual Transmission

The general consensus on towing is that you can tow any manual transmission vehicle as far as you want and as long as you want. As an added precaution, you might want to consider a Lube Pump or Axle Lock to ensure that no transmission damage will occur. Most 4WD vehicles with a manual transmission, manual transfer case and manual lock out hubs can be towed on all four wheels safely with no problems. If your 4WD has no manual lockout hubs and/or no manual transfer case, then you will need a coupling device on the rear drive shaft to tow it safely.

Knowing what you can or cannot tow 4 wheels down could help save you a lot of money in repair bills. Just remember, the lighter and simpler the 4x4 vehicle you're towing, the simpler and less hassle your trip will be. A Range Rover might not be a good vehicle to tow behind your RV where a Suzuki Sidekick would be.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of What Makes a Vehicle Good for Towing. Thanks for watching. If you'd like to learn more, please find us on the web at about.com.

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