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Taking Down the Soft Top on your Jeep Convertible

with Jim Walczak
Want to really enjoy that sunny day? Learn how to lower your Jeep soft top in 10 minutes or less.


Taking Down the Soft Top on your Jeep Convertible
Hi, I'm Jim Walczak, your About Guide to 4 Wheel Drive and Offroading.

So, you bought your first Jeep. You're ready to take it offroad and to take its top down, and I'm sure that brings up a bunch of questions. Like, are there special tools required? If I get this top down, will I be able to get it back up in one piece?

You know it's not that hard to do. We're going to show you how, in less than ten minutes, we can take this top down and be ready to enjoy a beautiful day around town or offroad with the top down.

Jeep Soft Top Windows

The first step to removing the top on this Jeep is removing the windows. On the side windows, under the velcro that runs along the top and rear of the window, start at the rear and pull the zipper towards the front, untucking the bottom retainer as you go.

On the rear window, open the door, grip the bottom retainer bar, and rotate upwards toward you. When unzipping the rear window, both the left and the right zipper go all the way to the end in bottom right and left corner.

Preparing to Take Down your Soft Top

Unclip both of the sunvisors to the sides. Release the header latches and hoods from the windshield spots. Start at the rear and pull down and out with the fabric to untuck the drip rail retainers from the door frame. Now just fold back the sunrider top.

On days that you don't want a lot of wind, you can stop right here and enjoy the largest sunroof in the industry. If you're going to stop at the sunrider, remember to use the supplied straps to secure the rails from flopping around during travel. Also, secure the latches into the grooves so they won't flop around. Untuck the sail panels and fold them onto the top of the soft top. So, after we release these, we'll fold them up on top of the roof.

Dropping your Jeep Top

Now we have the sunrider back and we have the back flaps up on top, we're going to release these pins and we're going to drop the top. The release pins are located just above the door frame. There's a pull ring to grasp located just inside the Jeep.

I like to pull easily forward on the frame to release some tension as I pull the frame. The first few times this may be quite snug. And we'll see that this top will go right into the frame.

Make sure that the sides of the top are folded inward- I'm just tucking them inside here.

Tucking in your Jeep Soft Top

After the top is completely down, everything should rest pretty flat. Here you see the drip rails for the sunrider. They'll need to be tucked in to avoid wearing the fabric or flapping on the paint.

Now you're ready to hit the road with the soft top down.

For About.com, I'm Jim Walczak. To learn more, visit us on the Web at 4WheelDrive.About.com.

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