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Video:Top Software for 3D Printing

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The first step in making a 3D model is designing it in a software program. Learn about the top software programs for creating 3D models for 3D printing in this video from Transcript

Transcript:Top Software for 3D Printing

Hi, I'm Matt Stultz from 3D Printing Providence here at ASG20 Labs in Providence, Rhode Island. In this video for we're going to discuss the top software for creating 3D models.

Creating 3D Models in Sketchup

There are many pieces of software that can be used to design 3D models that are suitable for 3D printing. One of the most popular is Sketchup. Sketchup used to be owned Google. But Google recently sold it to Trimble.

Sketchup was designed for creating architectural models for Google Earth. But you can use Sketchup for 3D printing with the use of just a few added tools. To create a model in Sketchup you simply draw a shape. Extrude it into 3D space and then use other tools to modify that object into any way you wish.

Making 3D Models in Open Scad 

Another popular method of creating 3D objects in the hobby world is to use a piece of software called Open Scad. Open Scad is free and open source and allows you to create 3D objects, but instead of drawing them, you code them. Open Scad may seem like it has a high learning curve by requiring you to write code to generate your objects, but most people have taken a basic high school geometry class know most of the commands that are needed to create these objects. Since they are geometric shapes.


Making 3D Models in Reconstruct Me

Another popular way to make 3D models is a new piece of software called Reconstruct Me. Reconstruct me takes an xbox connect and uses it as a 3D scanner to be able to scan peoples heads and create 3D models. Here is a model made of me with an xbox connect and reconstruct me. Reconstruct me is totally free for non commercial use but requires a machine with a good graphics processor.

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